Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Technical problems

My laptop died recently, so uploading photos has become a little challenging. I've taken some great ones though, and I'm looking forward to showing them to the world, as soon as I become technologically enabled once more.

Mean time, I bought the space invader map of Manchester, which came with some stickers about Rubik's Cubism. You may see one or two in town. Nothing to do with me, mind.

Also, how evil are tats cru? "The TATS CRU furnishes advertising and design services to businesses reaching out to young urban consumers ...". More whores at the capitalist gang bang, to paraphrase Bill Hicks.

So these TATS CRU guys sprayed fake graffiti adverts for some Sony console thing on rented walls. There's lots of discussion and pics on wooster and an article on wired about it.


Blogger Roy said...

You might be interested to see details of a book on our site which discusses 'Marks' and 'Writing'.

It's very well illustrated, and covers all forms of graffiti activism.

Here's the URL:

We also blog on arts and occasional graphic design at

Keep up the good work!

6:51 AM  

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