Sunday, October 02, 2005

Make Property History, Jersey Street, September 2005. Obviously this is a kind of communist pun on the Make Poverty History campain (and a pretty good one, especially for all of us who are sick of boring, identical flats for wealthy young professionals springing up in our gentrifying neighbourhoods. There's no reason why the city centre needs to be reserved for the posh, y'know.)Posted by Picasa


Blogger val1959 said...

Quite thought provoking bit of street art.... I am a Mancunian myself and find the number of cranes hanging over our city unbelievable! I particularly find the newest blot on the landscape ugly and not in keeping.... for now until 'The Others' arrive that is.... Its just a big bloody stickle brick! I've tried photographing Manchesters beautiful architecture, old and new and wherever you are 'It's' there.... dominating the photo's hanging over from every angle... saying... Look at me, look at me! I am gritting my teeth as I type... ooooo enough is enough! Half of these people who can afford these places probably wont live in them as permanent addresses. They are just transcient places for them to ogle out of their windows at night at the 'ordinary' people! Enough of the winging now.... Thanks for allowing me to vent off...! Lol Val
Ps Interesting work... I have interest in subject too!

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